dyson Cancer centre

Artist’s impression of the new centre

The Dyson Cancer Centre

A new Cancer Centre is being built at the Royal United Hospitals Bath. The Dyson Cancer Centre will help improve care for patients, families and carers and provide a nurturing and therapeutic environment, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting health and wellbeing.

The new centre will be located next to the main entrance of the hospital and will bring the majority of cancer services, including research teams, under one roof.


 What benefits will this new development bring?

The majority of cancer services will be brought under one roof, making it easier for patients to access the services they need in one place
It will be centred on patient care and experience and will be a fantastic place to work, so that the hospital retains dedicated staff and attracts the very best to join the team
A Macmillan Wellbeing, Information and Support Hub, will provide patients and their families with the extra support they need
State-of-the-art research facilities will bring teams together to design, conduct and analyse cancer trials and other research projects

What could the new hospital look like?

cancer centre view05 2019 11 26

© images IBI logo IBI Group Architects impression

cancer centre view03 2019 11 26

© images IBI logo IBI Group Architects impression

This content is for illustrative purposes only and demonstrates current Trust thinking on the potential scope and design of their hospital scheme. Designs are not final and subject to further development as scheme plans progress.

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