Improving NHS Infrastructure

How we are improving in our NHS buildings, equipment and technology

Up and down the country we’re investing money locally in the future of our NHS. By building new hospitals, modernising hospital buildings and investing in new equipment and technology, we will improve patient care for everyone. We’ll also make it easier and safer for NHS staff to do their jobs.

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As the long-term plan for NHS buildings, equipment and technology progresses, more project pages will be added – so please check back for further updates.

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What does this mean for you?

The extra billions we are putting into our plan will mean we can deliver:

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48 hospitals by 2030

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bright, modern, comfortable surroundings

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better cancer services

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upgraded A&E departments

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improved mental health units

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more children’s hospitals

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modern technology to help NHS staff care for you

These exciting changes will make a big difference to the lives of our patients, your local community and NHS staff.

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Leicester General Hospital (artist's impression)

Hospital builds

We’re building 40 new hospitals by 2030 as part of the biggest hospital building programme in a generation.

Construction equipment

Hospital upgrades

20 hospitals around the country are getting an upgrade to their facilities and equipment, making them fit for the future.

See how this investment is making a difference locally

As the long-term plan for NHS buildings, equipment and technology progresses, this website will grow – so please check back for further updates.