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The Government has announced adult social care charging reform is delayed until 2025. Other reforms to social care outlined in the white paper, People at the Heart of Care, are continuing.

The Government has a new long-term vision for delivering adult social care in England that puts people and families at its heart. It is a vision that promotes independence and enables people to live well as part of a community, as well as providing more support for the workforce. 

See what’s changing and how all the adult social care reforms will benefit you.

Read the latest news and views on adult social care reform

An elderly gentleman, who receives full time social care, is looking at a family photo with his daughter whilst she visits him in a care home

Paying for your social care

The way people in England pay for their social care is changing. Find out more about what will change and how it will impact you.

About social care reform

Find out about our long-term vision to transform adult social care in England and our priorities for the next three years.

Your questions answered

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about how adult social care charging is changing.

Find your local authority

Use this interactive map to find your local authority and how to contact them for care and support.

An adult social care worker is pouring a care home resident a drink whilst discussing social care reform
A care home worker is assisting a care home resident with a word search game

Other social care reforms

Discover how we’re supporting the professional development of the workforce, improving technology, supporting unpaid carers and how you can access support.

Information and advice

Discover what we’re doing to improve information and advice for people receiving care and their families.