Recommendation 220

Training facility for leaders

Accepted in part
A training facility could provide the route through which an accreditation scheme could be organised. Although this might be a voluntary scheme, at least initially, the objective should be to require all leadership posts to be filled by persons who experience some shared training and obtain the relevant accreditation, enhancing the spread of the common culture and providing the basis for a regulatory regime.

We think it is essential that those who fill leadership posts should be able to demonstrate that they share in the common values of the NHS and meet expected standards in respect of both leadership skills and behaviours.  We do not, however, accept the need for a formal accreditation scheme.

A new suite of national leadership development programmes launched by the NHS Leadership Academy and supported by a revised healthcare leadership model will represent a consistent approach to developing leaders with the right skills and behaviours at all levels


The NHS Leadership Academy now delivers a single, national approach to leadership development through its wide ranging suite of programmes based around the nine ‘leadership dimensions’ of the NHS leadership framework, which good leaders at all levels in the NHS should express. These underpin the Academy’s five core leadership programmes designed to develop outstanding leaders across every tier of the healthcare system, as well as the nurse and midwife leadership programme taking forward the Prime Minister / Deputy Prime Minister commitment for 10,000 nurses and midwives to complete leadership training by March 2015.

The Academy’s core programmes are accredited and, with broader take up of the NHS leadership model in the NHS, a consistent approach to identifying and developing current and future NHS leaders with the right skills and behaviours at all levels is now being applied.

The National Skills Academy for Social Care provides a range of training opportunities for aspiring and new leaders in adult social care. Although these opportunities are voluntary, there has been significant take up from the sector. In addition, the National Skills Academy for Social Care is running a ‘Leadership for Change’ training programme in conjunction with the NHS Leadership Academy, Public Health England, the Local Government Association Leadership Centre and the Virtual Staff College.