Recommendation 247

Sharing quality accounts

Healthcare providers should be required to lodge their quality accounts with all organisations commissioning services from them, Local Healthwatch, and all systems regulators.

The National Health Service (Quality Accounts Regulations) 2010 require that by 30 June following the end of the reporting period, quality accounts must be published by making them electronically available on the NHS Choices website or another website if that website is not available at the time of publication.

Prior to publication, and within 30 days of 1 April following the end of the reporting period, each provider is required to make a copy of the draft quality account available to the appropriate local Heathwatch organisation, overview and scrutiny committee and clinical commissioning group.

Where 50% or more of the relevant health services that the provider directly provides or sub-contracts during the reporting period are under contracts or arrangements with NHS England the provider must make the draft quality account available to NHS England rather than a clinical commissioning group.


All Quality Accounts have to be lodged with NHS Choices which is accessible to all stakeholders. The NHS England review of Quality Accounts (see Rec 37) has also recommended an improvement in the functionality of NHS Choices which has taken effect in 2014/15.