Recommendation 140

Sharing information when concerns are raised

Where concerns are raised that such standards are not being complied with, a performance management organisation should share, wherever possible, all relevant information with the relevant regulator, including information about its judgement as to the safety of patients of the healthcare provider.

The processes associated with quality surveillance groups and risk summits provide the framework for this. NHS England is reviewing the effectiveness of these arrangements. Strong bilateral relationships should also be in place between the commissioners, regulators and NHS England’s area teams

Key organisations and regulators, including the NHS Trust Development Authority, Monitor, the Care Quality Commission and NHS England, have published agreements that set out the ways in which they are working together and sharing information outside of Quality Surveillance Group meetings so that there is a single common assessment of the quality and sustainability of any given provider.


A review of the Quality Surveillance Group model has been undertaken by all of the organisations represented on the National Quality Board and on Quality Surveillance Groups, to understand how they are operating and identify where they could be supported to be more effective. As a result of this review the National Quality Board published a second edition of the ‘How To’ guide How to make your Quality Surveillance Group Effective in March 2014.