Recommendation 256

Seeking patient feedback following discharge

A proactive system for following up patients shortly after discharge would not only be good “customer service”, it would probably provide a wider range of responses and feedback on their care.

A good trust will take every opportunity to seek patient feedback. A good complaints system will recognise that some people will give fuller feedback once they have had time to reflect and therefore it is worth making arrangements to follow-up with patients once they have been discharged. Trusts will need to work out how they do this.

The Care Quality Commission will be assessing complaints as part of its inspection process.


Looking at whether patients can leave feedback easily has been a component of the new the Care Quality Commission inspections from October 2014 onwards. Complaints will be a key line of enquiry in the Care Quality Commission inspections from October 2014, and this includes looking at a random sample of closed complaints to see how they were investigated, and to look at how the Trust learnt from the complaint and embedded the change in the organisation. The Care Quality Commission will also be looking at the ward environment. Within the inspections, the Care Quality Commission will be able to look at whether the method of investigating the complaint was appropriate for the issue involved i.e. that in serious cases, independent investigation was conducted