Recommendation 268

Resource for comparative statistics

Resources must be allocated to and by provider organisations to enable the relevant data to be collected and forwarded to the relevant central registry.

In order to ensure that good quality data is collected locally and made available to central repositories such as the Health and Social Care Information Centre, resources need to be available to providers of services such that collections of data can be undertaken.

A wide range of data is collected locally to be used by providers, commissioners, regulators, patients and the public to determine performance and compliance with basic requirements of quality and safety.  For example, recommendation 246 discusses data needed for comparable quality accounts and 98 recommendation outlines the reporting of serious patient safety incidents via the National Reporting and Learning System.

Where collections are mandated, resources are allocated to the provider as part of their overall budgets, by the relevant commissioning body via the NHS Standard Contract, to ensure their collection.  It is the responsibility of all providers to ensure that resources are allocated internally to ensure that data are collected and made available as appropriate.

In addition to this, we also support initiatives that improve the use of appropriate technology and remove unnecessary burden from the collectors of data.  The NHS Confederation’s review, Challenging Bureaucracy, the work and tools developed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre in busting bureaucracy, and NHS England’s Clinical Bureaucracy Index are all intended to support a reduction of burden, nationally and locally, to allow staff to focus on the delivery of good quality care.

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