Recommendation 251

Regulators to review quality accounts

Accepted in principle
The Care Quality Commission and/or Monitor should keep the accuracy, fairness and balance of quality accounts under review and should be enabled to require corrections to be issued where appropriate. In the event of an organisation failing to take that action, the regulator should be able to issue its own statement of correction.

Where inaccurate information is identified within a quality account it should be changed by the provider as soon as possible.

While responsibility for the accuracy of the quality accounts rests with providers, their external auditors audit these accounts to provide limited assurance of their accuracy.  Where issues are located the auditors provide the board, and the board of governors where applicable, with a report of their findings along with recommendations for improvement (see recommendation 248).  Where issues are identified as a result of the audit process the issues must be addressed by the provider.  In all cases the report must be published as part of the provider’s quality account.

No further update is required. Please see response to the recommendation above