Recommendation 46

Quality and Risk Profile

The Quality and Risk Profile should not be regarded as a potential substitute for active regulatory oversight by inspectors. It is important that this is explained carefully and clearly as and when the public are given access to the information.

Replacing the quality and risk profile approach, since October 2013 the Care Quality Commission has published its analysis of risk indicators for the entire hospital sector, showing how all hospital providers perform against these indicators of risk.  Updates will be published quarterly.  Under its new inspection approach, spearheaded by the Chief Inspector of Hospitals, as it carries out each inspection under its new approach, the Care Quality Commission will publish the data pack at the same time as publishing the inspection report. A data pack is a detailed analysis of key information that the Care Quality Commission holds about a provider, including its performance on risk indicators, other sources of data, and qualitative information such as views of local organisations and feedback from patients.

The Care Quality Commission’s new approach is designed to support inspection by specialist teams, through inspections based on identifying lines of enquiry from whatever quantitative and qualitative information suggest about standards of care, rather than focused on regulations. Under the new approach the Care Quality Commission also analyses information about providers to decide the timing of inspections so that there is timely follow-up to potential concerns. This is to clarify the difference between on-going monitoring, and judgements by inspectors at certain points within that.

The Care Quality Commission has begun its new approach to monitoring providers in the hospital sector. New Chief Inspectors of General Practice and of Adult Social Care took up post in October 2013 and will now spearhead the extension and development of new approaches to monitoring standards of care in those sectors. The Deputy Chief Inspector of Mental Health will report to the Chief Inspector of Hospitals on how this applies to mental health services.


In March and July 2014, the Care Quality Commission updated its surveillance model for acute NHS trusts and in July 2014, it published for the first time surveillance models for adult social care, general practice, community and mental health providers.

In January 2014, the Care Quality Commission started its new inspection programme for mental health trusts, community trusts and general practice out of hours services. In April 2014, new style inspections started in adult social care. The first new inspections for ambulance services and dentists started in July 2014.