Recommendation 225

Peer reviews following individual concerns

The General Medical Council should have regard to the possibility of commissioning peer reviews pursuant to section 35 of the Medical Act 1983 where concerns are raised in a generic way, in order to be advised whether there are individual concerns. Such reviews could be jointly commissioned with the Care Quality Commission in appropriate cases.

The General Medical Council has made it clear that it is determined to work with others to explore the development of appropriate forms of joint ownership of generic issues, so that unacceptable patient care is identified and dealt with effectively.  This may include (but need not be confined to) peer reviews.


The General Medical Council contributes to the identification and investigation of system or generic concerns by means of its Operational Protocol with the Care Quality Commission and the development of information sharing agreements with other systems regulators. In addition, it shares information with, and participates in, Regional Quality Surveillance Groups and Risk Summits.