Recommendation 103

Patient safety information shared with Monitor

The National Patient Safety Agency or its successor should regularly share information with Monitor.

NHS England is actively working directly with Monitor to ensure they have access to patient safety data they require and that they are able to use it appropriately. NHS England agrees that the Care Quality Commission will also play a key role in coordinating the patient safety information to be shared or highlighted with organisations such as Monitor. More widely, NHS England is working to collate and make available a patient safety measurement framework to provide more clarity on patient safety data available, and what it can be used for and not used. Ultimately NHS England, Monitor, the Care Quality Commission and the NHS Trust Development Authority will work to bring together a common dataset for quality which could be used in a consistent way by all commissioners and regulators.

The National Clinical Assessment Service, previously a division of the National Patient Safety Agency, was transferred to the NHS Litigation Authority in April 2013. The NHS Litigation Authority is also developing a data sharing process for sharing relevant information with Monitor, the Care Quality Commission and the NHS Trust development Authority to support patient and staff safety.


NHS England and Monitor have established data sharing arrangements for the sharing of National Reporting Learning System data including the agreement to share the National Reporting and Learning System data monthly. This agreement has been in place since April 2014. In addition, the Care Quality Commission’s Intelligent Monitoring system which NHS England has helped to develop now provides the authoritative view of patient safety and wider quality-related data in the NHS.