Recommendation 61

Merger of system regulatory functions

Not accepted - agree with principle
A merger of system regulatory functions between Monitor and the Care Quality Commission should be undertaken incrementally and after thorough planning. Such a move should not be used as a justification for reduction of the resources allocated to this area of regulatory activity. It would be vital to retain the corporate memory of both organisations.

While we do not accept this recommendation in the light of the response to recommendation 19, we agree with the principles that it outlines regarding changes to the regulatory system. If changes are required between regulatory functions, they should be considered carefully and implemented appropriately to ensure that the organisational memory is retained and that, where change is needed, it is undertaken after appropriate consultation.

However, as outlined in relation to recommendation 19, we do not intend to merge regulatory functions through the development of a single regulator. Rather we intend to implement a single failure regime with clear roles and responsibilities, keeping separate the responsibility for inspecting and assessing quality from the responsibility for improvement.

No further update is required. Please see response to the recommendation above