Recommendation 94

Development of NHS Litigation Authority database

As some form of running record of the evidence reviewed must be retained on each claim in order for these reports to be produced, the NHS Litigation Authority should consider the development of a relatively simple database containing the same information.

The NHS Litigation Authority has launched a new extranet which provides members with detailed information about their claims so they can easily identify areas where they need to focus on reducing claims. The information is real time and shows total volumes and values but also broken down by speciality. Members can use the information to benchmark themselves against similar organisations.

The extranet also provides materials to support learning.


The NHS Litigation Authority launched its extranet service for members during 2013-14. They share more data with members to help them reduce claims and improve patient and staff safety. The extranet now provides members with real-time access to their claims data together with learning resources. It enables them to log new claims, track the progress of ongoing claims, and assess and manage their risk. It also provides learning materials such as case studies to enable shared learning across the NHS. The data can help the NHS to prevent harm to patients and staff which might otherwise lead to future claims against the NHS.