Recommendation 157

Deaneries reporting to General Medical Council

The General Medical Council should set out a clear statement of what matters; deaneries are required to report to the General Medical Council either routinely or as they arise. Reports should include a description of all relevant activity and findings and not be limited to exceptional matters of perceived non-compliance with standards.  Without a compelling and recorded reason, no professional in a training organisation interviewed by a regulator in the course of an investigation should be bound by a requirement of confidentiality not to report the existence of an investigation, and the concerns raised by or to the investigation with his own organisation.

We accept this recommendation.  The General Medical Council already has a structured reporting template supported by guidance setting out what Deans are required to report to the General Medical Council. It is considering, through its review of quality assurance in education, how it will improve the value of these reports so that the information required on issues such as concerns and good practice is able to be of most benefit. The General Medical Council will share its proposals in the first half of 2014.


The General Medical Council considered this recommendation as part of its Review of Quality Assurance of Medical Education and Training, the final report includes a recommendation that reports should give greater attention to the transparency and accessibility of information for patients and the public, students and trainees. As part of the action plan to strengthen the role of visits the General Medical Council:

  • have introduced a document register section at the end of each visit report to detail which evidence documentation has been used and how it has contributed to the findings
  • have developed a 5 year visits schedule.
  • will pilot the General Medical Council inspection teams to observe the environment in which clinical teaching occurs.

The General Medical Council continues to work with Deans to improve reporting mechanisms and how information requested. In March 2014 the General Medical Council launched the enhanced monitoring profile which includes a status rating for serious concerns. An action plan is being implemented for sharing good practice.