Recommendation 265

Comparative statistics by speciality

The Department of Health, the Information Centre and the Care Quality Commission should engage with each representative specialty organisation in order to consider how best to develop comparative statistics on the efficacy of treatment in that specialty, for publication and use in performance oversight, revalidation, and the promotion of patient knowledge and choice.

On behalf of NHS England, the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership has worked with specialist associations to develop the data referred to in recommendation 264 from selected national clinical and medical audits for consultants practising in these areas.  The data is currently made available through NHS Choices so that it can be used to meet a wide range of purposes. Providers will be expected to link to this data from their own websites from the summer of 2013.

NHS England will continue to work on how to improve the experience of this data through NHS Choices and promote patient knowledge and choice.


Consultant Outcomes Publication began with ten national clinical audits in June 2013 which were also made available through the NHS Choices Website. Consultant data for neurosurgery and upper gastro-intestinal has also now been published. NHS England is looking into which outcomes data could be most usefully and feasibly collected to extend the programme.

NHS England will improve the way in which data is published and has supported the development of patient-friendly guidance which has been issued to professional societies. This outlines the indicators that must be included in consultant level reporting, such as patient involvement in publication and the linking of results for the department to an individual’s work at the trusts in which they practice.