Recommendation 156

Approving training placement providers

The system for approving and accrediting training placement providers and programmes should be configured to apply the principles set out above.

The General Medical Council are taking the response to this recommendation forward in detail through its Review of Quality Assurance in Education. The General Medical Council will share its proposals in the first half of 2014.


The General Medical Council is reviewing its standards of medical education and training, as set out in Tomorrow’s Doctors and The Trainee Doctor. The review will be developing themes which will replace the current domains outlined in the standards. One of those themes is learning environment and culture, ensuring that educational environments are safe for patients and safe for leaners. There have been a series of roundtable events this year with stakeholders to discuss each of these themes and there has been wide support for defining what a learning environment would look like. A new standards framework will be consulted on in early 2015.