Recommendation 284

Appointment of assistant deputy coroners

The Lord Chancellor should issue guidance as to the criteria to be adopted in the appointment of assistant deputy coroners.

This has been taken forward by the Chief Coroner. Local Authorities are responsible for all coroner appointments with the consent of the Lord Chancellor and the Chief Coroner.

The Ministry of Justice and the Chief Coroner have developed guidance, the Appointment of Coroners, for local authorities on coronial appointments, including the qualifications and process for all coroner appointments. The guidance specifies details for the appointment of assistant coroners based on the main process for senior coroners with an understanding that there may be a need for appropriate flexibility due to the volume of posts and the need to involve the senior coroner in the process.

This guidance is intended to ensure that the process for appointments is as robust, consistent and transparent as possible.

No further update is required. Please see response to the recommendation above