Recommendation 204

Providers required to have registered nurse executive director

Accepted in part
All healthcare providers and commissioning organisations should be required to have at least one executive director who is a registered nurse, and should be encouraged to consider recruiting nurses as non-executive directors.

All provider organisations have at least one executive director who is a registered nurse.  NHS England has the Chief Nursing Officer on its executive board, and director level (although not executive level) representation at area and regional team levels.

The National Health Service (Clinical Commissioning Groups) Regulations 2012 require clinical commissioning groups to have a nurse on their governing body, though not necessarily at executive level. This enables local flexibility. NHS England will consider the added value of, and mechanisms for, amending or strengthening the guidance for clinical commissioning groups on nurse leadership.


NHS England is working with members of the Commissioning Nurse Leaders Network and the Royal College of Nursing to review the role of Clinical Commissioning Group nurses, including their leadership role.