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Compassion and Care

The NHS needs to reinforce a positive and all-embracing culture shared by all front-line, managerial, regulatory and governmental staff. Robert Franci…

Values and standards

We need a common patient centred culture which produces, at the very least, the fundamental standards of care to which we are all entitled, at the sam…

Openness and transparency

A common culture of serving and protecting patients and of rooting out poor practice will not spread throughout the system without insisting on openne…


Leadership generally in the NHS is under challenge and needs more effective support. The necessary culture will only flourish if leaders reinforce it …


Information is the lifeblood of an open transparent and candid culture. All professionals, individually and collectively, should be obliged to take pa…

This response seeks to build a future which learns the lessons of Mid Staffordshire so that NHS patients can confidently expect all the care they receive to be safe, effective and compassionate…

Health Secretary

About this response

The government published a full response to the public inquiry led by Robert Francis into the events at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust on 19 November 2013. You can use this site to view the government’s response on:

  • each individual recommendation in the public inquiry report
  • the main areas covered by the recommendations
  • the different themes covered in the public inquiry report
  • areas of interest for organisations and groups
  • the updates to all 290 recommendations published on 11 February 2015
    Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt said:
I want to thank Robert Francis for his excellent report. This response will help the NHS move forward from this and into a new era – one where safety, accountability and candour are at its core. These changes will ensure that the patient genuinely does come first in everything the NHS does, as set out in the NHS Constitution.

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