Analysing social media

Joe talks about his role helping colleagues understand what people are saying about health policy online, and offers some tips for analysing and understanding conversations in social media.

Creating good content

Dean talks about the how to create content that meets the needs, expectations, and preferences of users.

Metrics that matter

Matt talks about his experience working on the cross government performance platform, and best practice principles for working with and presenting data and metrics.

So, this internet thing...

Stephen talks about the origins and development of the internet, and why the emerging internet culture has made it so relevant to the things we're trying to achieve at the department.

Data as currency

Stephen talks about how organisations are using new sources of data to make better decisions, and leads a thought experiment to test whether freely available social media data could be used to predict pressures on the health and care system.

How to improve your consultations

Stephen and Susy talk through the lessons they've learned running digital consultations in the department, and offer tips to make your consultation better.

The alpha: an intro

Adam and the team discuss the alpha project, including the benefits of drawing on the expertise of colleagues from across health and care system.

The alpha: in depth show and tell

The alpha team discuss their findings, and reflect on their approach, following their initial 12 week project.

DH digital show and tell

Members of the digital team show and tell recent projects including digital engagement on dementia policy, blood and transplant digital services, the transition to GOV.UK, replacing the department's intranet, and developing the PolicyKit.

The data infrastructure we need

Dan talks about the need for a new data infrastructure to help tackle some of our data challenges, including interoperability, patient privacy and data sharing.